Get more from meetings
Preparation is one of the most important points to give a clear goal to your meeting. With UMBIKO you can easily prepare your agenda, reuse content from previous meetings and give structure to the meeting
Without Umbiko
With Umbiko
What are we going to talk about?
Clear agenda, available well in advance
Who are invited, are we complete?
Email the agenda and a list of participants
Oh no, such a long meeting again?
Efficient meeting by time framing
What was decided last time?
Easy access to minutes and documents
With UMBIKO you can immediately record decisions and assign action points. Simply take minutes and edit later
Without Umbiko
With Umbiko
What has been discussed in the past?
Quickly look up old agenda and decision list
Has everyone been speaking?
Quickly look up old agenda and decision list
Who said what at what time?
Easily create a decision list based on what has been discussed
Who is going to do what?
Report links actions to people
Instant sharing of action lists, decisions and reports with attendees. Easily find subjects and statements from earlier meetings
Without Umbiko
With Umbiko
What decisions have been taken?
Clear action and decision list
Does each participant have to work out the notes?
Automatic sharing of minutes via Umbiko
Print the minutes for everyone?
Direct access via the app for all participants
In what form should the minutes be?
Choose a fixed template, managed by the reporter
Paperless and efficient meetings, instant overview of actions and decisions, timesaving
  • Central recording of minutes and documents
  • Clear, findable and safe
  • Paperless (environmentally friendly footprint!)
  • Always accessible to participants
  • Transparency for all participants
  • Insight for management and administration
  • Saving time
Let's get started
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